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What does Platform9 offer?

Platform9 offers modern, affordable co-working space to startups looking for an authentic work experience. Fusing design with purpose, Platform9's impact driven approach will house 30 startups, provide sleek hot desks, a tech savvy idea factory (coding lab) and training delivered by quality mentors from South Africa's top organisations.

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What was the motivation behind starting Platform 9?

To make a meaningful contribution to the SME development space,
as it relates to empowering small businesses to follow their business destiny.

Co-working space
Small businesses often have to “act big” to compete in their respective markets and therefore require infrastructural support such as offered by our co-working space. We provide affordable, practical and authentic co-working space to SMEs with 30 desks available. SMEs are able to choose to rent hot-desk space (first come, first serve) OR permanent desk space (designated seats) on a monthly basis. Both options include internet access, a coffee station and affordable scanning and printing facilities
Idea factories
The Idea Factory was conceptualised as a space where selected interns from admin, coding/IT or marketing backgrounds will receive on-the-job training and work experience. Mentoring and supervision will be provided to groups of interns who will, in turn, provide back-end office support to SMEs – thus, forming part of Code Rooms, Admin Rooms, Marketing Rooms, and so forth. These factories are powered by the support of larger organisations that want to contribute to local skills- and enterprise development.
South African SMEs require access to skills and the necessary expertise to grow and develop their businesses. Platform9 provides affordable training venues and endeavour to make relevant and impactful SME training available through the assistance of large organisations. In order to be both relevant and impactful, we believe that training should include quality content and meaningful skills-transfer – training should make a real difference in SMEs skill sets, with discernible outcomes when implemented.
per month (per person)
  • - Excludes desks that are reserved by permanent users
  • - 100 hours desk usage
  • - High-speed internet included
  • - Coffee station, scanning
  • and printing facilities available
Permanent DeskR1 500
per month (per person)
  • - This option affords the applicant a designated space
  • - 100 hours desk usage
  • - High-speed internet included
  • - Coffee station, scanning
  • and printing facilities available
venue rentalR200/hour
pricing options available
  • - Maximum of 20 people per meeting room per day
  • - Catering at R150 per person
  • - High-speed internet included
  • - R500/half day/meeting room
  • - R1000/day/meeting room

Affordable Co-Working Space

Thirty seats available to rent on a permanent- or hot-seat basis (100 hours per month) – both including internet, coffee station & affordable printing & scanning facilities.

SME Training & Workshops

Hosting of relevant, impactful SME training & workshops by large organisations and experts AND Affordable training venues & meeting rooms available with services to suit your needs – from catering to projectors.

Idea Factory

Hosting of internships that provide training, mentoring and supervision to groups of South African interns from admin, coding/IT or marketing backgrounds & developing them to provide back-end office support to SMEs. Our idea factories are powered by sponsoring organisations.

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